Grand-Sized Early and Rare Neopolitan Figure with Portrait Like Features

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31" (79 cm.) Carved wooden shoulder head with oval face and elongated throat, sculpted facial features with dark enamel eyes in heavily-lidded eye sockets, defined carving of nostrils, closed mouth with defined teeth, painted complexion over gesso, painted brows, lips, rosy cheeks and chin, original flax wig, all-wooden carved torso with shapely waist, padded homespun upper arms, carved wooden lower arms, dowel-jointing at hips and knees, painted arms and legs with red painted sandals, wearing silk costume with lace, bead, and metallic trim. Condition: very good, some craquelure at throat, limbs retouched. Comments: Italian, probably late 17th century. Value Points: outstanding portraiture expression and painting is enhanced by the grand size of the rare early Neopolitan figure.
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