Grandmother and Grandfather by Norah Wellings

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Each 23". Each has pressed felt face portraying aged man or woman,with impressed wrinkles and defined cheekbones,painted brows,side-glancing eyes,strong nose,tiny line mouth,white mohair wig (hers pulled into bun,his with long curly side- burns),felt body with jointed limbs. She is wearing elaborate multi-layered costume,blue print cotton apron over brown and yellow felt skirt over brown and red felt petticoat,black felt jacket and over-sized shoes,blue print bonnet,carrying basket; he is wearing black felt fitted jacket,brown felt trousers,tan felt vest with pearl buttons,neck scarf,black hat,orange felt leggings,black shoes. Cloth tag on wrist "Made in England by Norah Wellings" and award ribbon from 1941 "International Philadelphia Doll Show".
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