Gretel Brinker

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18". Of molded felt,highly characterized plump face with appealing worried expression and fine artistic painting,light brown hair with ringlet side curls,jointing at shoulder and hips. Gretel is wearing a brown felt patched dress over white blouse,with blue felt short jacket,apron,plaid neck scarf,petticoat,pantalets,wooden shoes,white coiffe,and carries an armload of sticks for the fireplace. The doll is stamped R. John Wrist on her left foot and has original paper label on her petticoat "R. John Wright/Gretel Brinker/ChildrenÕs Classics/No.048/350" and is contained in original labeled and numbered box. The doll was produced from 1990-1992 in a numbered edition of 350 dolls.
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