Hand-wind Musical"The Maestro and his Performing Seals",attributed to Zinner and Sohne

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11" (28 cm.) x 7",10" overall. A wooden platform with decorative paper covers to simulate rosewood,with red painted edging and flower-paper floor,presents a lively scene of bisque-headed Maestro and his two paper mache (or wooden) performing seals. The man has a rare sculpted bisque hat and black sculpted hair,beard and moustache,and is wearing his original costume. Each seal is posed upon a wooden block,and has a nicely painted face,and loosely-jointed wooden cap and hinged arms; one holds a bow and violin and the other is posed behind a gilded harp. When the porcelain knob at the front is wound,the Maestro turns from side to side and waves his arms,and the seals play their musical instruments while their hats bob up and down. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany,attributed to Zinner and Sohne,circa 1890. Value Points: the delightfully-amusing toy is perfectly-preserved,and has added rare features such as sculpted bisque hat,and amusing seals,well-functioning with excellent music.
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