Italian Felt Character Girl with Grumpy Face,Model 1500/B,by Lenci

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18" (46 cm.) Felt swivel head with very plump cheeks and chin,painted facial features,narrow brown painted eyes,curly upper lashes,scowling expression,closed mouth with accented bottom lip,brunette hair arranged with bangs,topknot braid and back braids,jointing at shoulders and hips. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Lenci (original cloth label). Comments: Lenci,circa 1930,model 1500B,the fretful-faced girl is wearing felt dress in a checkered pattern of blue,pink and cream,with ruffled cotton apron,petticoat and panties,blue felt shoes,socks,pink felt hair ribbon,dangle hoop earrings. Value Points: rare model to find with wonderful facial expression,original costume and wig.
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