Italian Felt Doll, 400 Series, by Lenci in Original Stylish Costume

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16" (41 cm.) Felt swivel head of slender-faced girl, painted facial features, brown side-glancing eyes, grey eyeshadow, painted curly upper lashes, fringed brows, accented nostrils, closed mouth with two bottom lip accent dots, brunette mohair wig in long ringlet curls, slender body of older child with jointing at shoulders and hips. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Italian, Lenci, their model 400, circa 1927, the model was made for a very short time and is quite rare to find. Value Points: wonderful expression, wearing original fuchsia felt stylish dress of the era with double-tiered skirt, large waist sash, undergarment, socks and black shoes with ankle straps.
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