Italian Felt Portrait

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23" (58 cm.) Felt swivel head with slender face,pressed and painted facial features,very narrow side-angled upper-glancing eyes with black eye shadow and curly lashes,high arched brows,long angular nose,mouth designed with small opening to hold the stem of the pipe,black mohair wig with pronounced widow's peak at the center forehead and black queue,stitch-jointing at shoulders,hips and knees,long slender legs designed to sit cross-legged,arms constructed with bent elbows and curved fingers designed to hold the carved and painted opium pipe. Condition: very good/excellent,slight surface dust. Comments: Lenci,the model was named "Hu San" and appeared in the 1924 catalog. Value Points: very rare early model wears fine original felt costume comprising russet-brown felt tunic with gold embroidered aqua-green felt inserts,purple neck edging,black trousers,two-tone green and cream boots with pink trim and embroidery,original wooden pipe with painted decoration.
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