Japanese Paper Mache Ichimatsu with Artist Signature and Rare Luxury Costume

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17" (43 cm.) Solid domed paper mache swivel head on paper mache shoulder plate, fine gofun complexion, painted hair with combmarked details, large sculpted ears, brown enamel eyes under heavy eyelids, tinted brows, closed mouth, paper mache lower torso, arms and lower legs, muslin midriff and upper arms. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: (original artist or atelier signature on paper label on torso). Comments: Japanese, circa 1930. Value Points: with rare detailed signature, the wonderfully-preserved doll is wearing original rare costume comprising stiffened brocade skirt over brown silk crepe under-kimono, matching kimono with multi-layered sleeves having rich crane design, cord sash with fringe, folded fan, tabi socks; a crest design, symbol of aristocratic background appears on front yoke of both kimonos, front and back of sleeves, and center back.
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