Large Early German Paper Mache Lady

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25" (63 cm.) Paper mache shoulder head of adult lady with slender face,elongated throat,sculpted black hair drawn smoothly down the sides of head into three graduated-length finger curls at the front sides of throat,tips of ears exposed at the sides of head,and at the back of the head is an elaborate rolled braid with four small finger curls falling beneath,painted upper glancing turquoise eyes with black outline,unusual fringed brows,aqualine nose with accent dots,closed mouth,blushed cheeks,slender kid body with wooden lower arms and legs,painted orange slippers,antique lightweight woolen costume,undergarments. Condition: very good,some hair rubs,possible long-ago retouch to cheeks. Comments: Germany,circa 1830. Value Points: large paper mache so-called ÒmillinerÕs model" with exquisite beauty,very elaborate coiffure,painted lashes.
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