Large Early German Paper Mache Lady with Elaborate Side Curls

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22" (56 cm.) Paper mache shoulder head of adult lady with oval shaped face,elongated throat and slightly modeled bosom,elaborately sculpted coiffure featuring 1 1/2" arranged poufs on either side of face,four tightly coiled rows of braids at the crown that loop over a sculpted comb and criss-cross at the back of the head,painted center-parted details at the forehead,painted facial features,large turquoise eyes,blushed cheeks,closed mouth,slender kid ÒmillinerÕs model" style body,wooden arms and legs,painted pale brown shoes. Condition: generally excellent,original hair and facial finish well preserved,possible early retouch on shoulder plate. Comments: Germany,circa 1830 Value Points: superb early model in rare large size with extraordinary coiffure,regal face,outstanding early hand-woven gown with delicate floral design.
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