Large Early German Paper Mache Lady with Looped Curls at Crown

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21" (54 cm.) Paper mache shoulder-head of adult lady with oval shaped face,very elongated throat,uniquely sculpted black hair with arranged curls at the side of face that are horizontal at the front and vertical ringlets at the back,centerpart,two high-looped curls at the crown secured by a sculpted tightly coiled braid,painted facial features with unusual detail of sculpting of eye sockets,slender kid ÒmillinerÕs model" style body,wooden arms and legs,painted green shoes. Condition: very good,original finish is preserved with some minor scuffing and splits as typically found,kid waist and legs reinforced. Comments: Germany,circa 1830. Value Points: the large early doll has a very rare coiffure complemented by early bed chamber costume of hand-stitched cotton,lace over- sleeves,laced bodice,and printed tunic; the torso has old signature ÒFrances".
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