Large German Porcelain Lady Doll with Brown Hair and Extended Chignon by KPM

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23" (58 cm.) overall. 7" length head. Porcelain shoulder head with slender oval facial shape,elongated throat,deeply-sculpted brown hair in center-parted fashion,looped over her ears in deep waves and captured in a loosely-coiled extended chignon at the back of her head,painted large blue upper-glancing eyes,red upper eyeliner,single-stroke brown brows,shaded nostrils,closed mouth with very full lips,extended accent line between the lips,new muslin stitch-jointed body and new porcelain limbs,nice brown taffeta gown of antique fabrics. Condition: generally excellent,rubs on nose tip and left brow. Marks: KPM 1 (blue stamp). Comments: KPM Berlin,circa 1845. Value Points: exceptionally large sized model with rare brown hair in superb coiffure,the chignon extending outward 1" at the back of her head.
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