Larger Neopolitan Presepio Figure of Saint Teresa of Avila

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20" (51 cm.) Terra cotta shoulder head with sculpted brown hair in deeply comb-marked flowing curls captured in a loose chignon at the nape,upper glancing brown enamel inset eyes with encircling rose shadow,furrowed lines between the wavy brows,slightly-parted lips with row of tiny teeth,hemp-wrapped body with terra-cotta lower limbs,very expressively posed fingers,bare feet with sculpted toes. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Neopolitan,early 19th century representing the Spanish Saint Teresa,whose mystical writings are considered an integral part of Spanish Renaissance literature. Value Points: beautifully-preserved complexion and facial features on the artistically-sculpted figure,wearing original black taffeta gown with gold metallic crewel embroidery.
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