The Little Prince,Prototype Model

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18". Having pressed felt facial features with large dark brown eyes and painted lashes,plumper cheeks and rounded nose,the little boy has short blonde mohair curls,swivel head,jointed shoulders and hips. He is wearing a white aviation jump suit with yellow felt sash,silver medallions,grey felt boots,and a long bright green felt coat with brown felt lining and cuffs. Yellow felt cut-outs of stars decorate the shoulder epaulets,and the Prince holds an 8" stainless steel sword. The doll is hand-signed R. John Wright at back of head,and has an original paper label. The original silver box with The Little Prince label is hand-lettered "Artist Prototype/R.H. Wright". The doll based upon this prototype model was released in 1983-84 as an exclusive of 250 dolls for The Toy Shoppe. Included is a hand-written letter by the artist to the original owner of the doll. The doll was featured on the cover of Characters of R. John Wright by Shirley Bertrand.
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