Mechanical Doll 'Miss Ondine'

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14" (35 cm). A bisque-headed doll with brown glass inset eyes, painted lashes and brows, open mouth, four teeth, brunette mohair wig, is attached to unique body, horizontally posed as though for swimming. The torso, with wooden block stomach and cork back encloses a mechanical mechanism attached to two large brass wheels; the torso is attached to metal bars and tin arms and legs jointed at elbows and knees. When wound, the doll moves her arms and legs in realistic (yet humorous) swimming motions. CONDITION: Generally excellent. MARKS: 1079-1 1/2 S&H dep Simon and Halbig (doll) Miss Ondine Poupee Nageuse (box). COMMENTS: Circa 1900, the very popular mechanical doll was offered in many Paris department stores of the time. VALUE POINTS: Fabulous original unplayed condition, includes original blue cotton swimsuit. Included with the doll is its original colorful box.
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