Musical Automaton "Girl Dancing on a Tightrope" attributed to Roullet & Decamps

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18" (46 cm.) A painted metal trapeze bar with fringe-decorated tightrope is arranged upon a rectangular wooden platform with red velvet fringed cover; posed on tiptoe on the tightrope is a petite bisque head doll with glass eyes,closed mouth,mohair wig,silk costume,holding a garland of flowers in her hands. When wound,the doll gracefully combines the skills of ballet dancing and tightrope walking,moving back and forth across the bar,on tiptoe,twirling and raising the garland up and down in a a graceful motion. Music plays. Condition: generally excellent,mechanism and music function well. Comments: attributed to Roullet et Decamps,circa 1900. Value Points: delightful theme whose charming motions are enhanced by the especially beautiful face of the doll.
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