Musical Automaton "Lady at the Toilette Table" by Vichy,Original Costume

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24" (61 cm.) to top of mirror. Posed in front of her ebony wooden dressing table with lace curtains and ormolu crest and framed mirror,is a bisque-head lady with blue glass enamel eyes,delicately-painted lashes and brows,closed mouth with accent lines,pierced ears,elongated blonde mohair wig,bisque shoulder plate,carton torso and legs,wire upper arms,bisque forearms. The dressing table is laden with various toiletries and accessories and she holds a powder puff in one hand,and a mirror in the other,while wearing superb original silk embroidered gown with glass bead trim. Condition: generally excellent,mechanism functions well. Marks: (original tune label under table). Comments: Vichy,circa 1865. When wound and lever released,the lady lifts her head,turning side to side as though admiring herself,then alternately powders her nose and gazes into the hand mirror,then lowers her head again,all the while music plays. Value Points: very rare automaton with elegant presence and movements,considered one of the premiere luxury pieces of that era as indicated by the level of costume and furnishings opulence.
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