Rare American Carved Wooden "Manikin" Doll by Schoenhut

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19" (48 cm.) Carved wooden socket head depicting slender-faced adult man, sculpted brown hair swept behind the ears, deep-intaglio blue eyes with well-defined crinkles around the sockets, pronounced nose, closed mouth with primly set lips, all-wooden slender elongated body with spring-jointed limbs, swivel waist. Condition: good, some light retouch on face, limbs repainted. Marks: (partial Schoenhut sticker on body). Comments: Schoenhut, circa 1915, the doll, depicting a young adult man, was intended originally as a "Manikin for Students of Fine Art, or as Dressed Figure for Window Display" according to the 1914 Schoenhut catalog; its body style closely resembles the wooden art mannequins that had been made in Germany for nearly 200 years, Value Points: very rare model by Schoenhut with wonderfully-sculpted face and extra details of articulation.
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