Grand Composition Shirley Temple by Ideal in Rare "Curly Top" Costume

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27" (69 cm.) All composition with socket head and five piece body, sleep and flirty eyes, mohair lashes, original blonde mohair wig in ringlet curls. Marks: Shirley Temple Cop. Ideal N&TCo (head) Shirley Temple (torso). Condition: generally excellent, light eye fading, one 1/4" faint craze line below right eye, few small spots on dress. Comments: wearing original rare costume known as "duck dress" comprising a yellow taffeta sleeveless dress under separate velvet overlay with embroidery of two ducks and little flowers, matching velvet tam, original one-piece undergarment, socks and shoes, early Shirley pin. Original rayon tag with no NRA, and original cloth "27" on inside seam. Ideal, circa 1935, the very rare 27" doll portrays Shirley in a beloved costume from the 1935 film "Curly Top".
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