Cabinet-Size English Wooden Doll from the Clapham Series

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14" (36 cm.) Carved wooden head with elongated throat and flat-cut socket which swivels on wooden torso, rounded head shape with well-defined sculpting of facial features, painted cheek blush spots, two black painted eyes, painted upper eyeliner with dainty lashes, single stroke brows which arch from the top of nose and have light upper fringe, closed mouth with primly-set lips, brunette mohair wig, muslin upper arms, carved wooden lower arms, separately-carved fingers, wooden legs with dowel-jointing at hips and knees, painted black knee-high boots. Condition: well-preserved finish which may have some retouch, four fingers broken. Comments: English, late 1600s. A series of dolls with remarkably similar expressions and construction and decorative details were created at this time, attributed to one studio whose maker is unknown at this time; the dolls are referred to as Clapham series in reference to the most famous of the series, Lord and Lady Clapham which are at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Value Points: strong presence of the rare early doll with fine detail of carving, wearing early costume and elaborate coiffe which are likely original.
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