Delightful Early French Mechanical Toy "Polichinelle on Wheeled Cart"

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12" (30 cm.) l. Sitting astride a tinplate three-wheeled cart is a paper mache figure of Polichinelle with very pronounced shaped of nose and chin, painted features, white mohair wig, paper mache hands and feet with painted shoes having upturned toes, and wearing original silk Polichinelle costume with prominent humps at front and back of torso. When wound, the back wheels turn, propelling him forward while he frantically moves his legs backward and forward as though he is directing the cart. Condition: generally excellent except some paint wear on tinplate, mechanism functions well. Marks: F. Lotire [?] (impressed on brass plate). Comments: French, circa 1850, the toy is similar to that presented by the more-known Theroude. Value Points: charming thematically and aesthetically, the festive character and toy are decorated with silver bells and grand bi-corn hat.
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