Wonderful German Bisque Toy Peddler as Candy Container with Baskets of Toys

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19" (48 cm.) Bisque socket head, brown glass sleep eyes, painted lashes and brows, accented nostrils and brows, open mouth, four teeth, blonde mohair wig, hollow carton torso that separates at the waist for access to the candy container interior, composition arms and legs, bisque hands, antique costume of blue woolen jacket and hat, brown velvet pants, striped knit stockings, wooden shoes, and posed standing upon a twig background with a twig shoulder yoke which supports two woven baskets. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: BSW (in heart). Comments: the doll by Bruno Schmidt, circa 1910. Value Points: an elaborate and wonderful candy container doll likely presented by prestige German candy shop to eager young holiday shoppers, the baskets are filled with miniature toys, bears, and novelties, while the doll himself is designed to hide the best treat of all, candies.
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