Early Paper Mache Peddler Lady Doll with Dolls and Novelties

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20" (51 cm.) Paper mache shoulderhead depicting an aged lady with impressed wrinkles, blue glass inset eyes, strong nose and chin, slightly parted lips with spaced teeth, brunette human hair wig, linen body, posable arms, wearing original red woolen gown with black velvet trim, matching hooded cape, undergarments, hand-cobbled leather boots. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: circa 1850. Value Points: the kindly smiling peddler lady wears spectacles, has original costume and carries a well-laden tray with a wide variety of dolls, toys and decorative novelties, viz. more than eight different dolls, harmonica, locket, books, silhouette in frame, fine necessaire with gold-plated scissors, and more.
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