Unusual French Wooden Head Poupee in the Huret Manner, with Huret Body

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18" (46 cm.) Carved wooden socket head based on classic Huret model, bisque shoulderplate, very plump cheeks, heavy eyelids, painted blue downcast eyes with shaded coloring, black upper eyeliner, painted upper lashes, fringed brows, closed mouth, auburn mohair wig, slender wooden body with elongated limbs, jointing at shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips and knees, metal hands. Condition: repainting of face and complexion, head not original to body. Marks: Huret 68 Rue de La Boetie Paris (incised on torso back). Comments: the maker and background of the doll is unknown; despite its near identical resemblance to early Huret poupees, the use of wood as the head material is curious. The body is Huret of the early 1900s. Value Points: fascinating mystery doll, wearing lovely silk costume, undergarments, and with bone-handled silk parasol, shoes.
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