Set, Composition "The Three Pigs" from Walt Disney 1933 Film

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11" (28 cm.) Each is all-composition with socket head, jointing at shoulders and hips, pig face with sculpted and painted facial features with defined snout, downcast "O" shaped eyes, smiling expression, pointy ears. Each is wearing its original cotton costume, cap, and flannel mittens based on his role in the film; each costume has cloth curly pig tail attached to the back pants. Near mint condition. Madame Alexander, 1933, notable as the first composition dolls manufactured by Madame Alexander (her previous early-issue Betty dolls were costumed by Alexander on generic dolls that were not produced by Alexander). The Three Little Pig dolls were presented in Playthings Magazine of 1933 "in beautiful composition doll form and dressed exactly as you see them in Walt Disney's Silly Symphony film". The very rare set wears original costumes, and has two original hang tags.
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