Composition "Fairy Princess" as "Princess Elizabeth" with Rare Costume Tag

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18" (46 cm.) All composition with socket head, blue sleep eyes, real lashes, dark eyeshadow, closed mouth, blushed cheeks, blonde mohair waist-length wig with original coiffure, jointing at shoulders and hips. She is wearing her original lavender/grey satin full-length gown with metallic and sequin trim, lace cuffs, blue hooped petticoat, blue lace-edged panties, side-snap shoes, and with metallic sequin crown and long gilt necklace. The gown is tagged "Princess Elizabeth/Madame Alexander/New York". Near mint condition, wear to finish of shoes. Madame Alexander, 1939, the doll continued to be presented until 1942; in that year it was shown in the rare 1942 catalog in the same gown but named "Fairy Princess".
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