French Cloth Doll by Madame Paderewski with Original Medallion

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10" (25 cm.) All-fabric doll with stitch-shaped face, center-seam, embroidered eyes, and lips, blonde fleecy hair, five-piece body with jointing at shoulders and hips. Condition: good, dusty. Marks: Polish Victim's Relief Fund (one side of medal) Health and Happiness to You, Kind Doll Lover, Who by taking into your heart and home one of my little doll waifs of Poland have fed a starving mother or child in that 'saddest land', Helena Paderewski, copyright 1915 (other side of medal). Comments: French, circa 1915, Madame Helena Paderewski, wife of the celebrated pianist, used her celebrity-hood to oversee the production of artistic cloth dolls to benefit widows and orphans of WWI; an intriguing story about the dolls appears in The Encyclopedia of French Dolls by Theimer. Value Points: rare doll with original (frail) costume and silver medallion.
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