Very Rare Matched Numbered Set of American Felt Dolls by R. John Wright, Heidi Series

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18" (46 cm.) Each is all felt with painted and modeled features, swivel head, fully-jointed body, including Heidi with crown of felt flowers along with mohair baby goat "Snowflake", limited edition of 500, made in 2000; Peter the Goatherd with classic Tyrolean costume along with his mohair goat "Turk" with jointed neck and glass eyes, limited edition of 200, made in 2004; and Heidi's Grandfather with extra jointing to allow a seated pose, along with wooden bench, limited edition of 250, made in 2008. Condition: near mint. Marks: each has all original documents and labeled boxes). Comments: from the Heidi series by American artist, R. John Wright, of which Heidi and Peter were created exclusively for Little Switzerland shop. Value Points: rare dolls created in very limited numbers, preserved in pristine condition, each is #99 from the series.
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