Important French Bisque Art Character Lady in Original Costume of WWI Red Cross Nurse

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22" (56 cm.) Bisque socket head with slender angular face and elongated throat, intaglio brown eyes in deeply-set sockets, white eye dots, black and shaded red upper eyeliner, dark eyeshadow encircles the eyes, brushstroked brows with decorative glaze, aquiline nose, closed mouth with impressed worry lines at each side of demure lips, unpierced ears, brunette mohair wig captured in chignon under cap, slender elongated composition lady body with jointing at shoulders, elbows, hips and knees, elongated slender fingers. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: French, circa 1917, maker uncertain, created during the Renaissance of the French doll era with distinctive original body and exceptional artistic painting that was stylistic of that era. Value Points: outstanding beauty of the doll, with haunting yet gentle expression created by unique painting of eyes, original body, and wearing all-original Red Cross nursing uniform of WWI era including Red Cross buttons and silver medal with raised letter E.
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