German Porcelain Half-Doll Portraying Actress, Madame Mole Raymond, Dressel & Kister

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5" (13 cm.) Waist-up porcelain nude lady with grey sculpted hair in long flowing locks (modeled away from her body), beneath a lavender wide-brimmed bonnet with upturned side, large purple bow and band, her arms held in unusual pose in front of bosom. Marks: (blue bishop's staff stamp). Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1910, Dressel & Kister, depicting the French actress, Madame Mole Raymond of the late 18th century as she appeared in a famous portrait by Elisabeth Vigee-LeBrun which is presently in the Louvre in Paris, the arms are posed for placement in a muff as shown in the painting, and an unusual sculpted hole behind the bonnet bow is designed to hold an actual feather.
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