German Lithographed-over-Wood Doll Room with Wonderful Detail and Furnishings

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20" (51 cm.) x 12" x 7". An open-front doll room forms a Victorian parlor with lavish lithographed paper-over-wood on the three walls detailing windows, draperies, paintings, furniture, accessories, and even a peek into an adjoining room. The floor has lithographed paper to simulate carpet, and the room has actual furnishings in addition to the printed ones: a Walterhausen Boulle style ensemble with gilt accents and crushed velvet upholstery with silk fringe. There are two side chairs, a pedestal table and a settee with high crest back. The room also has two tall silver candelabras, a six-arm candelabra, and a gilt vase with dried flowers. Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1900.
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