Neapolitan Black Prince in Jeweled Costume with Gold-Tipped Spear

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16" (41 cm.) Polychromed terra cotta shoulderhead, ebony black complexion, sculpted short cropped curly hair, black enamel up-glancing eyes, sculpted brows, distinctively-modeled nose and firm lips, impressed facial lines, tow-wrapped posable armature body, carved wooden lower arms and legs, painted black stockings, brown knee-high boots, wearing ivory silk faille tunic with hand-stitched vest with inset faux-emeralds and paillettes, metallic embroidery, magenta silk breeches, blue silk jacket with rich embroidery and sequin trim, earrings, and carrying wooden-handled spear with gold-plated tip with shaped figural designs. Excellent condition. Neapolitan, mid-1700s, outstanding portraiture and sculpting, superb costume.
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