Neapolitan Balthazar, King of Arabia, in Splendid Robes, on Horseback

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20" (51 cm.) h. 28"w. Polychromed terra cotta shoulderhead portraying young black-complexioned man with tightly-cropped sculpted hair, enamel eyes, aristocratic features, tow-wrapped posable armature body, carved wooden lower arms and legs with carved leg sashes, wearing original royal costume comprising yellow silk trousers, fitted green silk vest, lined red silk long coat, ivory silk collared cape, thickly-padded turban, and with metal sword; each costume element is richly encrusted with gilt threaded embroidery and applique paillettes and pearls. Seated upon a cream painted terra cotta horse with deeply-sculpted mane and tail, enamel eyes, lavishly-fitted with gold-encrusted saddle over fringed yellow silk saddle blanket, sculpted brass bits, noseband and stirrups, and posed on wooden base. Excellent condition. Neapolitan, mid-1700s, portraying Balthazar. King of Arabia, and bearer of myrrh in the traditional Magi scene. Outstanding in its presentation with extraordinary original costume in every small detail, superb sculpting, and finest state of preservation.
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