German Musical Mechanical Vignette by Zinner and Sohne

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9" (23 cm.) h. x 12"l. x 7"d. Arranged upon a wooden platform with colorful lithographed paper cover of flowers and birds, are four small bisque dolls playing as though in a spring garden. Two children are seated on a wooden see-saw, one is pushing a small metal doll carriage in which rests an all-bisque baby, and the four wave a garland of flowers. When the porcelain knob at the front is turned, music plays and the dolls move about in various playful actions. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Zinner and Sohne, circa 1900 with bisque dolls by Gebruder Heubach. Value Points: wonderfully-preserved toy is all-original, has well-functioning music and movements, and charming activity.
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