German Musical Mechanical Vignette "Dance Lesson in the Parlor" by Zinner and Sohne

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11" (28 cm.) x 8" base, 7"h. Arranged upon a wooden platform with colorful lithographed paper designs is a wooden upright piano with silver candle holders, at which is seated a bisque-headed lady with blonde mohair wig and original costume. Nearby a bisque-headed boy and companion girl, with glass eyes, mohair wig, and original costume, are posed as though to dance. When knob is turned, music plays merrily, the lady moves her hands up and down as though playing the piano and turns her head to the side to watch the children who twirl around and around in a dancing style. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Zinner and Sohne, Germany, circa 1900. Value Points: delightful vignette with enchanting activity and strong vigorous musical tune is perfectly preserved in original state.
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