German Paper Mache Lady, Sculpted Coiffure and Original Traditional Swiss Costume

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18" (46 cm.) Paper mache shoulderhead with oval face, elongated throat, black sculpted hair in centerpart, with looped curls at each side of face and above the ears, forming into a chignon at the back, blue upper-glancing eyes, black upper eyeliner, aquiline nose, closed mouth, blushed cheeks, firmly-stuffed original muslin body with kid lower arms and hands. Condition: generally excellent, very light craquelure on back shoulders. Comments: Germany, circa 1850. Value Points: fine original condition, with rare early coiffure, the doll wears her original traditional costume, probably Luzerne region of Switzerland, comprising wool skirt and petticoat, white blouse with lace-edged collar, elaborate bodice and straps, apron, slippers, and woven cap with red woolen pom-poms. Ex-Estelle Johnston Collection.
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