Neapolitan Lady with Rosy-Cheeked Plump Smiling Face

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13" (33 cm.) Polychromed terra cotta shoulderhead of plump-faced lady modeled double chin and rosy cheeks, sculpted dark grey curly hair waved behind her sculpted ears and forming into a chignon at the back crown, enamel inset eyes, well-formed features with closed lips of smiling mouth, tow-wrapped posable body, carved wooden arms and legs, painted green stockings, carved black shoes with red buckles, wearing fine original silk costume with silk jacket over lace-fitted vest and underblouse with pleated lace collar which matches coiffe, lined silk apron with gilt trim, silk skirt and carrying woven basket. Excellent condition. Neapolitan, late 1700s, wonderful facial expression with artistic painting.
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