Important Early 18th Century English Wooden Doll "Charlotte" with Provenance

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28" (71 cm.) All-wooden doll with one-piece head and torso, elongated face with high domed forehead and carved fullness to the shaped oval cheeks, daintily defined chin, dark enamel inset eyes in defined sockets, lightly-painted lashes and brows, pointy-shaped nose, closed mouth with proper expression of lips, brunette mohair wig in long curls, shapely torso with defined bosom, tiny waist, and squared hips, cloth upper arms, wooden lower arms with fork shaped hands, wooden legs with dowel-jointing at hips and knees, shapely calves. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: English, circa 1760, the doll was presented to Charlotte Murray (1775-1832) by Queen Charlotte, her godmother, and remained in the care of the Murray family and descendants until this time (see article on pages 218-219 of this book). Value Points: of exceptional beauty and size indicating its royal ties, the doll has superb original finish and is wearing an outstanding costume of finest embroidered silk with jewelry and lace accouterments, along with an additional early gown from her trousseau, as well as related ephemera.
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