All Original Portrait of Cowboy Shown in Earliest 1920 Advertisement

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18" (46 cm.) Felt swivel head with firmly-pressed mask facial features, very strong nose and jaw, painted blue side-glancing eyes, thick brows and moustache, separately stitched ears, brown hair weft-sewn to head, firmly-stuffed felt torso and limbs, jointing at shoulders and hips, four sewn-together fingers, separate thumb. Wearing red felt shirt with button cuffs, grey felt vest with stud trim, blue front fringed neck scarf, brown felt hat with upturned brim, brown felt fringed trousers with white fur chaps, mid-calf laced leather boots, leather belt and holster with pistol, rope lasso. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Lenci, circa 1920, the model appeared in Lenci's 1920 premiere ad for the Paris department store of Au Printemps, listed as "#6 Cow Boy", selling at 110 fr. The model may have been inspired by Tom Mix who starred in American Westerns from 1909 onward, and was known to be admired by Madame Lenci.
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