Rare Boudoir Doll with Half-Closed Eyes, Model 161, with Metal Button

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25" (64 cm.) Felt swivel head with mask pressed face, up-tilted chin and nose, angular features, painted brown side-glancing eyes with half-closed lids and pronounced brown eye shadow and liner, painted brown spit curls onto sides of cheeks, closed mouth with painted teeth, shaded lower lips, elongated slender body with modeled bent elbows, four sewn-together fingers, separate thumb, disc-jointing at shoulders and hips, seam jointing of knees allowing seated pose. Wearing cream/white felt costume with black felt edging on skirt ruffles and collar, black felt throat ruffle and cuffs, red felt rose at bodice, wide-brimmed hat with black pom-pom, knee length pants, black leggings and black heeled shoes with white pom-poms. Condition: very good, light dusting of face, few moth holes, tip of left heel broken. Marks: Lenci di. E. Scavini Made in Italy N. 161 (rectangular paper label with attached metal button). Comments: Lenci, 1924, one of the earliest models of boudoir dolls. Value Points: the rare doll has exquisitely-painted face with half-closed eyes, and is wearing wonderful costume in the Pierrette manner.
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