Pierrot with Mandolin from Commedia dell'Arte Series, Model 115A

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21" (53 cm.) Felt swivel head with pressed mask face, painted narrow brown side-glancing eyes with heavy eyelids, grey eye shadow, brown painted lashes, accented nostrils, closed mouth with accented lower lip, felt torso and limbs, jointing at shoulders, hips and knees. Wearing black felt Pierrot costume with black and white ruffled collars, white felt buttons, and black stitched-on skull cap with wire-framed felt flower on long felt stem. Condition: very good, some light dustiness. Comments: Lenci, circa 1924, model 115A, Pierrot, modeled by Maurice Dudovich, was made in three variations of costume colors. Pierrot was a popular figure depicting a naive and sad clown in the Commedia dell'Arte theatrical series that was enjoying a resurgence in both Italy and Paris in the 1920s. Value Points: wearing original black felt Pierrot costume with white buttons, and carrying wooden mandolin with green felt ties.
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