Rare Italian Felt Lady, Lenci, Unusual Size, 1925 Catalog Cover Doll, Model 204

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13" (33 cm.) Firmly-stuffed one piece head and torso with oval shaped face and elongated throat, painted blue side-glancing eyes in large round shape, painted lashes and one-stroke brows, tiny nose and closed mouth with bottom lip accents, blonde mohair wig in tight ringlet curls, jointing at shoulders and hips. Wearing orange felt dress in the late 1700s style with scalloped edge hem, ruffled organdy apron, collar, cuffs, pantalets and petticoat, black felt shoes, yellow wide-brimmed felt bonnet with golden felt band and applique felt flowers, and carrying felt flowers in her right hand. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Lenci Turin Italy Di E. Scavini Made in Italy 204... (rectangular paper label). Comments: Lenci, model 204, a color and size variation of the doll appearing on the cover of the 1924 Lenci catalog. This actual doll is shown in Lenci, The History and the Dolls by Nancy Lazenby, page 64. Value Points: vibrant and well-preserved costume, the doll has unusual construction detail and charming petite size of lady doll.
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