Premiere Celebrity Doll "Salome", Unique Swivel Waist Construction, Model 104

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16" (41 cm.) Firmly-pressed amber brown felt swivel head with elongated throat, head tilted to the side, brown painted eyes with heavily-modeled eyelids and black eyeliner and lashes, closed mouth with provocative smile, painted teeth, stitched ears, black wiry stitched-on hair, slender elongated felt torso and limbs, swivel waist, three middle stitched fingers, baby finger and thumbs separate. Wearing russet and orange felt costume comprising skirt strips with loop and bead dangles, fringed sash, matching vest with fringed edges, matching fringed coronet and netting, matching sandals, bangle earrings. Condition: doll is fair/good, costume is excellent, moth holes at sides of head, tip of nose, ankles, feet, rump. Comments: Lenci, the doll was first mentioned in a December 1919 article in the Italian monthly Noi & IL Mondo, and then appeared in the 1920 ad in Playthings magazine and in the 1920 Au Printemps catalog identified as "#7 Salome" for 129 fr. Value Points: important premiere model with intriguing social history and great rarity, unusual construction detail of swivel waist. The silent film, Salome, of scandalous fame, starring Theda Bara had premiered in 1918, and it is likely the doll was inspired by this film.
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