Fanny Brice and Mortimer Snerd by Ideal

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Each 12". Each has composition head with sculpted hair and painted facial features,she with hair loop for insertion of real ribbon,wide-eyed expression,and he with goofy smile and elongated nose,each with wooden segmented body,flexible limbs,over-sized wooden feet,composition hands. She is wearing cotton flowered tunic and trousers,and he is wearing brown felt jacket,tweed pants,shirt and bow tie. Marked "Ideal Doll Made in USA". Portrayed are Fanny Brice and Mortimer Snerd. The Hollywood film star appeared in every Ziegfield Follies from 1911 until 1923,various films in the 1930̴s and as "Baby Snooks" in the 1940̴s radio show; it is her role as Baby Snooks that is represented in this doll. Mortimer Snerd was a creation of Edgar Bergen,and appeared alongside his companion Charlie McCarthy on stage and in at least one film.
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