Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls in Presentation Box

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Each 5". Thirteen dolls,each of painted bisque,with painted facial features,upper glancing blue eyes,painted lashes,"O" shaped mouth,blonde or brunette mohair wig,chubby torso,jointed arms and legs,molded shoes and socks,each with painted black or brown shoes except one with painted white boots. Each wears its factory original costume representing various nations of the world,and each (except two) is attached to original presentation box with gold paper label indicating the series number and name of the doll. Included are #28 Italian,#29 Belgium,#36 Hungarian,#30 Spanish,#39 Mexican,#37 Swedish,#26 Swiss,#27 Dutch,#25 French,#31 Portuguese,#38 Scotch,#35 Russian,and #34 Irish. The two detached dolls are marked "America" (incised on back); the others presumably are also marked "America" but have not been detached for examination. Circa 1936.
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