Rare American Wooden Sample Doll by Schoenhut

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16" (41 cm.) Carved wooden socket head with slice carved away at side of head to exhibit quality of wood,defined carved boyish hair,carved and painted facial features,brown shaded eyes,white eye dots,feathered brows,accented nostrils and eye corners,closed mouth,pouty expression,all- wooden spring-jointed body that appears to be complete from the front although one/half of the back is carved open to display the internal jointing. Condition: generally excellent,fine original finish with few paint rubs on mouth. Marks: Schoenhut Doll,Pat. Jan 17th,1911 USA. Comments: Schoenhut,the facial model,201,is a copy of K*RÕs 114 pouty boy,produced only until 1912; on original salesmanÕs sample body of the same era; the sample body was designed to show how the dollÕs pose could be held by the elaborate internal system of metal pins and springs. Value Points: very rare piece,perfectly intact with two original paper labels including ÒSchoenhut All Wood Perfection Art DollÓ three color label on head.
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