American Cloth Doll by Izannah Walker with Ringlet Curls

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18" (46 cm.) All cloth doll with pressed and oil- painted facial features,complexion and hair,shaded brown hair with delicate tendrils around the face,two ringlet curls in front of each stitched-on ear,and five ringlet curls at the nape,shaded brown eyes with outlined eye sockets,feathered brows,accented nostrils,closed mouth,stitch-jointed body with little leather sewn-on boots,wearing an original red and brown checkered light woolen dress with apron,undergarments,and having a (very worn) additional dress,probably original,of brown cotton with soutache trim. Condition: very good,old re-cover on torso,some body patch on limbs,complexion a bit rubbed. Comments: Izannah Walker,circa 1865. Value Points: rare American doll whose style and artistry compares with noted mid-19th century American itinerant portrait painters such as Matthew Prior. The doll has a gentle and compelling presence.
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