German Musical Box with Clock, Storage Cabinet and 60 Discs by Polyphon

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A walnut glass-fronted cabinet with fluted columns and acanthus fretwork design that allows the sound to be transmitted when the glass door is closed, has an arched gallery whose decorative finials center a porcelain faced clock with original face, dial and hands inscribed Junghaus (refitted to operate by battery), surmounted by a seashell design half- rounded molding. The cabinet sits atop its matching base with burled center panel, carved appliques and brass handle to open the tilting door for access to stored discs. There is a cast iron coin slot on the right side which accepts old 5 cent Pfenning coins or modern US dimes. There are four combs comprising 159 teeth. The teeth and leads are in excellent condition; the musical movement is in good playing condition with the typical cleaning and adjustments needed to some of the starwheels. This is one of the larger-sized models and disc-sizes of Polyphon and was likely used for public entertainment. Included with the musical box are sixty 24 1/2" discs. It is being sold from the estate collection of the late collector Benedict Rucker who acquired it nearly 50 years ago. 95"H. x 35"W. x 19"D. Made by Polyphon of Leipzig, Germany, Style 105U. Circa 1900.
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