Very Rare Viennese "Mythologie Pour La Jeunesse" by Muller

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A beautifully printed marbled paper folio with applique paper scroll "Mythologie",9.5" x 6",contains a 72 page book,written in both German and French,detailing the writer's purpose: to teach mythology to his children by means of paper dolls with changeable costumes that represent the features of various Greek or Roman Gods. Included are 2 marble-paper envelopes each containing a heavy cardboard paper doll representing a female or male deity,each with 7 different costumes (and 2 head-dresses for the female). The name of the god or goddess represented in ink-script noted on the back of each costume. Excellent condition of dolls and costumes,wrappers a bit worn. H.F. Muller,Vienna,1841.
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