Early Boxed German Paper Doll Set "The Noble Young Lady"

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Featuring a demurely posed young lady "in romantic Costume of the Middle Ages with 8 magnificent dresses and grand vistas" according to description on the box lid. The set includes eight Medieval style double-sided (blank back) elaborate gowns (most incorporating an accessory such as scepter,mandolin,or such) and four hats or head-dresses. Also included is a three-part folding screen with richly draped curtains centering a window with "grand vistas". Contained in original four-language box,7" x 9",with a finely detailed engraving of Medieval-era women in a bucolic setting. Marked "Verlag Eigenthum C.M.". Excellent condition,beautifully preserved egg- wash lustre enhances the rich colors,box a bit worn. Germany,mid-19th century.
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